Mission Statement

Camp Ilan attempts to educate and inspire Jewish youth to become leaders who exemplify how Judaism and the modern world interconnect.

The mission of this camp is reflected in its name, Ilan. In order for an ilan to grow and mature properly it requires time, water, and sunlight. Similarly, over the course of six weeks (time), Camp Ilan will provide your ilan, your child, with a unique Torah-based curriculum (Water) coupled with fun and engaging programs (Sunlight) that enables them to develop their skills in a diverse range of fields while simultaneously growing passionately in their Jewish lives.

Camp Ilan determines its success by measures of happy children who are proud of their Jewish ‘roots’. Whether they are in the Beit Midrash, arts and crafts or playing hockey , a Camp Ilan camper carries their Judaism with them wherever they go, proudly and forever.

We have had our son  in camp since the first day it opened. Camp Ilan is an incredible camp, filled  with amazing programs, and highly energetic, and responsible staff! Zack , the camp director makes everyone feel at home at Camp Ilan. He gives personalized attention and pays attention to detail in every aspect of running the camp. We couldn’t be more happy with the quality of camp offered, and most of all with the Jewish and Zionist ruach that inspires our kids all throughout the summer!
Lisa Lancry

So, where is all the fun happening?

Camp Ilan 5700 Kellert Avenue Cote Saint-Luc, QC

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