Brain Gym

The Brain Gym program is Camp Ilan’s newest and most innovative program. The program will take place during Camp Ilan’s second session (July 16 – August 3) and will be run by dynamic educator and camp enthusiast Lauren Thurber.

Many children see a dip in their reading abilities over the summer break. The Synapses group is ideal for campers who need a boost in their literacy skills in order to prepare for the school year ahead.

All campers will be provided with 1-2 sessions per week of fun, engaging activities that target age-appropriate literacy and logical thinking skills. Campers will get to join together in exercising their brain power!

Additionally, parents can sign their children up for daily sessions in the Brain Gym with our Synapses group. This additional session provides small-group tutoring and individualized support using dynamic learning activities.

This program allows many of our campers to maintain and grow into their educational abilities while still being in a fun camp environment.

We have had our son  in camp since the first day it opened. Camp Ilan is an incredible camp, filled  with amazing programs, and highly energetic, and responsible staff! Zack , the camp director makes everyone feel at home at Camp Ilan. He gives personalized attention and pays attention to detail in every aspect of running the camp. We couldn’t be more happy with the quality of camp offered, and most of all with the Jewish and Zionist ruach that inspires our kids all throughout the summer!
Lisa Lancry

So, where is all the fun happening?

Camp Ilan 5700 Kellert Avenue Cote Saint-Luc, QC

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